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Email: moc.eracelet-soileh%40tcatnoc

Helios Telecare

Comprehensive, feature rich, cloud based Telehealth platform with a stand alone or integrated Remote Patient Monitoring system.

About Helios Telecare

The profound expertise of our team, deep understanding of telehealth, ideal knowledge of e-clinical delivery processes and methods. We create unique and innovative solutions for our customers along with high-quality support services and personal approach to any case. Feel free to entrust your business to our experts, and you’ll see the difference!

Cloud Based Telehealth Platform

Cloud-Based Care Platform for healthcare providers and their patients to connect remotely which features HD video conferencing, secure Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with appointment scheduler, Co-pay processing system and much more for a secure, complete and satisfactory telemedicine experience.
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Remote Patient Monitoring

Enhancing care delivery and improve patient outcomes for conditions that need constant surveillance, hospitals are increasing their use of remote patient monitoring solutions.. Integrated remote monitoring solutions with messaging and alert systems can let providers know when patients are in stable or critical conditions without the need for hospital room.

Medical Billing

We are helping our clients to become more profitable by reducing their operating and capital costs. By leveraging our skilled people, data-driven processes, and cutting-edge technology, we are enabling our clients to focus on their core function – patient care. Our verticals are
 Telemedicine Skilled Nursing Facilities Urgent Care Radiology DME / HME


Services in One Place

We provide expert telemedicine deployment, RPM, consultations and workflow development


We will help you understand the aspects and details of developing a virtual care program. Our commitment to you is to develop, guide and position you for financial and market performance.

Telemedicine Workflow

We ask workflow questions which goes beyond the standard when developing a telemedicine program. An adaptive approach with technologies that dovetails into your clinical workflows.

Technical Development

Scalable infrastructure design, aligned to your workflow and patient care delivery. Ensure bandwidth, appropriate technology, clear concise service delivery which exceeds HIPAA and PHI standards.

Medical Billing

Our medical coding and billing services are designed to address a wide range of issues and challenges faced by hospitals and physicians while realizing payments.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Digitally collect a wide range of health data from the point of care, such as vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and electrocardiograms.


We align to and incorporate telehealth-related policies and law, to help health care professionals, and health advocates policy trends across key topic areas.


State federal and laws governs telemedicine insurance coverage as well as company policies. Private health insurance providers are recognizing telemedicine use for cost reduction and avoidance keep patients healthier.

Our Telehealth Platform


Choosing a Telehealth platform isn't a choice to be made lightly. There are many options to demo and compare. A wise choice aligns to your business model and drives market market differentiation. Helios' goal is just this, we review your business model, requirements and design an end to end workflow solution specific to your outcomes.

  • Platform

    ● Integrated audio and HD video for live patient engagement● Rules Engine and File Sharing● Built in EMR with Appointment scheduling● Produce clinical documentation from each consultation● Support for standard devices● Send clinical documentation to/from your EMR●  HIPPA-compliant messaging for clinician to communicate● Cloud hosted and browser-based accessible system ● Peripheral device support such as for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)● Direct Remote Patient Monitoring integration

  • Security

    ● AES encryption at the database layer● End-to-end video feed security is ensured with AES-128 encryption with CSK● Hosted at a SSAE 16 SOC I Type II, PCI, HIPAA and HITECH compliant data center● Multiple database servers (Microsoft SQL), web servers, load balancing technology and firewall with IPS.

  • Integration

    ● Integration with third-party systems ● API and SDK libraries are available

- Telehealth , Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Billing Services -

Advocating for you, as you advocate for your patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)



We provide a wide range of platform features to meet even the most daring requirements.

Remote Patient Monitoring● FDA Approved Platform● Push button Emergency Response● Remotely track and monitor vital signs ● Simple user engagement● Push notification with physician alerts● High and low vital thresholds with alerting● 4G / Wifi data share● No PC or Tablet for 2 way audio and video

Revenue Model

Recognizing the benefits of remote patient monitoring to patients and the wider healthcare system, Medicare has created significant opportunities to generate new revenue.

  • Helios RPM Kit

    The Kit includes Blood Pressure Cuff, Digital Weight Scale, SPO2, Thermometer and Blood Glucose Monitor which are all free to your Medicare patients. When a patient receives a our kit, it’s fully configured and ready to use out of the box — no smartphone, app, Bluetooth, or WiFi required.

  • RPM CPT Codes

    Through new CPT codes 
    ● 99453 - Patient Education and Set-up● 99454 - Kit Supply● 99457 - Initial 20 minute monitoring● 9458 - Each additional 20 minutes● G2012 - Virtual check in
    Medicare has heavily incentivized providers to deploy remote patient monitoring.

  • RPM Value

    ● Increased reimbursement● Reduce readmissions● Improved patient satisfaction● Simplified deployment● Deeper patient-centric care● Measurable ROI


Make an Appointment for a Demo and Consultation Services Review

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Medical Billing Services

If you are looking for task-specific support, customized reporting best practices, experienced resources working with the biggest & the best of the healthcare industry, then you’ve come to the right place! For decades, we are providing end-to-end solutions to resolve our clients’ billing challenges and enhancing their overall business operations

Experienced team

We’ve gained trust from all the leading healthcare providers across the country. We are working as their reliable operational extension and enhancing their profitability and customer services.

Custom-tailored approach

We appreciate each client and consider all demands throughout our cooperation. We create reports which are customized to our client’s requirements. We focus on specific business metrics and ensure consistent performance on key performance indices.

First-class product

We use modern technologies and advanced solutions to develop our products. Get access to dedicated resources at just $7 per hour with complete versatility across all billing systems.

Multifunctional Billing Solutions

We offer specialized verticals for medical billing. Check out our great array of services designed for health care providers

 - Partners -


Healthcare Consulting Verticals

Health IT services we offer. Health professionals at times are stretched thin for technical resources. Helios' goal is to help solve by being your technical ally. Which means finding the appropriate clinical or health IT resource for your specific needs.

  • General Health IT Consulting Services


  • Telehealth Consulting

  • Stand Alone or Integrated Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Medical Billing - RCM

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