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What makes Helios Telecare distinctive?

The term ‘telehealth’ is a ubiquitous term but generally refers to telemedicine and used interchangeably but not all telemedicine platforms provide the same feature functionalities which can limit your options. Helios’s platform provides you with a comprehensive toolset and strategies, allowing you to configure your clinical workflows and engage your patients with the flexibility and compassion they deserve.
Our easy-to-use web portal is secure HIPPA compliant service with
everything in one place for telemedicine services focused on YOU. We
make use of advanced HD video conferencing, secure Electronic Medical
Records (EMR) system, Insurance Claim Processing System, Payment
Eligibility Verification and PCI-compliant copay processing to ease the
overall process of telemedicine consultations. Our primary focus
revolves around patient satisfaction and we go the extra mile to achieve
it. Some of the key patient benefits are:
Helios Telecare’s Telemedicine platform is secure and encrypted, meeting the requirements for HIPAA. The browser-based telemedicine platform is flexible and non intrusive and does not require any proprietary hardware. Standard Mac or Windows PC – or any standard tablet including iPad, Android or Surface – at the point-of-care and the remote physician's location. There is no need to install or maintain local software because it’s a browser based platform.
Any patient consultations using telemedicine does not replace the traditional in-person consultations but supplements it, creating the means to provide convenient access to both the provider and the patients. While nothing can replace the in-person doctor patient consultations. Helios Telecare telemedicine platform emphasizes the maximum focus on the patient
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Telemedicine, Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical Billing, Revenue Cycle Management