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Helios's goal is to advance new methods for patient, access, monitoring, care coordination, and patient engagement with Telehealth via an integrated end-to-end solution, including real-time data streaming and video conferencing.
​Physicians can diagnose and monitor even their most at-risk patients, at virtually anytime, anywhere. This is especially applicable at-risk co-morbidity patients, driven to improving patient outcomes, reduce costs, and expand clinical access across patient populations including acute children and babies with can present unique post discharge needs to hospitals or medical facilities in providing ongoing clinical oversight and care, while the patient continues treatment and recovery at home.
Key Features
  • No  overhead, no upfront cost,  no software to purchase manage or maintain
  • Use our platform for your Telemedicine program
  • Cost avoidance and operational savings
  • Get ready for MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) and PAMA (Protecting Access to Medicare Act)
  • Comprehensive end to end telemedicine solution with remote patient monitoring
  • Customizable telemedicine platform to meet your program goals
  • Computer, laptop, or smart phone compatible
  • HIPAA & PCI Payment Compliant
  • HIPAA secure, doctor to patient video teleconferencing system.
  • Built in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which requires little to no upfront expense for implementation and no additional out of pocket expenses for patients.
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Telehealth Services 
Clinical Partners
Meet our Clinical Partners. Helios
 works closely with our clinical partners to build a coordinated approach to care that addresses the basic resource needs of patients.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Remote Patient Monitoring system acquires patient vitals and monitors them continuously. Instant alerts should an abnormality appear resulting in timely intervention and proactive care by the physician.

This helps save both time and money by preventing further deterioration of the patient’s condition, false alarms and unnecessary hospital readmissions.
Easily underpin your Telemedicine program with our turnkey Telehealth platform with Remote Patient Monitoring.
 Intuitive, easy to use, HIPAA compliant and encrypted, our proven platform adds value to your clinical workflow.

We perform eligibility checks, practice and insurance reimbursements.
"Facilitating quality patient care through a simplified, convenient and cost effective service delivery model." 
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Telemedicine, Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical Billing, Revenue Cycle Management